About Us

Welcome to Ikthus CBD!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my experience with CBD and how Ikthus CBD, LLC came to life.

First, my name is David and I am from Matthews, NC.  I have been married to my wife for 21 years and have two children; a son 17 and daughter 13.  My son is heading to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in the fall.  We are a very active family with swimming, tennis, and motocross as our sports of choice, and we devote a huge part of our lives to Christ, so we are active members of our church. 

I graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Architecture in 2001 but only practiced a few years before joining the corporate world in the building products industry.  There I started as a sales rep and eventually grew into the Regional Sales Manager role.

Fast Forward to Fall 2018

In the Fall of 2018, I had my annual wellness check-up for my corporate insurance.  Most things checked out fine, except my doctor saw that my platelets were elevated.  Protocol had him refer me to an Oncologist where I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, a rare bone marrow cancer, diagnosed through a bone marrow biopsy.  While that wasn't the best news, the outlook was and is good, as long as the platelets do not escalate further. We had to find the culprit of the inflammation that was causing the platelets to rise, which initiated a series of tests that included a lot of blood work, CT scans, and the dreaded colonoscopy.  By February, we had some answers, but the biggest culprit was determined to be Celiac Disease and Degenerative Arthritis in my back and neck.

Believe it or not, that was great news!  While yes, I have the CALR mutation that makes me susceptible to certain cancers, I knew that if I could manage the inflammation caused by the Celiac and arthritis, I had a chance to stay off of any chemo or worse, having a bone marrow transplant.

My Journey with CBD

Knowing it was imperative to control the inflammation that contributed to the Essential Thrombocythemia and Celiac's Disease, I began experimenting with CBD when it was readily available after the Farm Bill legalized its use in late 2018.  I researched the benefits, especially with regard to inflammation, and bought my first bottle of 500mg oil.

During the first week of taking CBD, my experiences varied from positive to negative.  My Celiac symptoms actually worsened initially; I thought I had eaten something with a ton of gluten by accident, even though I omitted everything with flour, wheat, and barley.  While this initial experience was a surprising downfall, the pain in my back and neck was slightly less, which prompted my continued journey to experience the supposed benefits of CBD.

The second week proved to be much better.  My stomach settled down, and I was walking straighter, thanks to the alleviated pain, which resulted in a return to a normal, active life.  I even felt like riding motocross with my son!  Little by little, I progressed in how I physically felt, but the one question remained...how were my platelets?

Back to the Oncologist

The only way one will believe this is if I post my platelet count.  Platelets are produced by the body when there is inflammation.  Not only have they leveled off, but they started to drop after 6 months of using CBD, which meant that the inflammation in my stomach, back, and neck significantly lowered.  I can say with honesty that I generally feel great, mentally and physically.


Over the course of the year, I logged my research, dosages, side effects, and benefits.  The research goes well beyond the use of CBD; I am talking about the growing, sourcing, harvesting, extracting and processing.  I also tracked the trends of the Chinese brands entering the US.   Finally, I dove deep into how others are benefiting with individual ailments and tracked the dosages to help build a baseline for beginners.  This research and own personal experience combined to form my decision to launch Ikthus CBD beginning this year, 2020.

Trust the Research.  Trust the Results.

The slogan is the foundation of Ikthus CBD.  I will put out as much information and research as possible, while sourcing only US grown, THC-free, non-GMO CBD oil produced in an FDA-approved facility.  I will also make myself available to answer any questions one may have and help facilitate advice from professionals more qualified than me if I do not know the answer.

Let's begin this journey together and be well!




ikthusCBD, LLC